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Who are our groups for?

Everyone! We read with adults of all ages, backgrounds and

abilities. Everything in our groups is read aloud.  The

Make Friends, With A Book groups are free for group members

to attend, and everyone is welcome.  Even if you wouldn’t call

yourself a reader you will find a warm welcome from a group of 

people who are glad to have you there.


The groups are of particular value to the elderly and those who are lonely or isolated, but also offer a haven of peace and reflection for those with busier lives. We welcome people with disabilities and mental health issues, and those who are caring for them.

The groups encourage social inclusion and community feeling, welcoming and facilitating the participation of everybody. They encourage the mixing of people who would not otherwise come into contact with one another, helping to overcome feelings of loneliness and isolation.

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"Those great ideas in a book are for everyone. They’re not just for a literate readership, and when people see that, with everyone joining in- putting it together, it’s like a jigsaw puzzle, they feel included, they feel part of the interpretation…it’s a wonderful thing to see."             

Reader Leader

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