“Shared reading is a wonderful way of meeting like-minded people. It’s a way of exploring different perspectives on life and appreciating different views”

Leicestershire group member

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Shared Reading groups bring people together through great literature to talk, laugh and share.  We have serious conversation and good fun.  Just drop in and enjoy listening to a story or poem – there's no homework, and no pressure to read or talk.

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Keeping going during the pandemic

Although we had to suspend our library groups in March, some of our groups are continuing to meet 'virtually', using either telephone or video conferencing platforms.  Despite some trepidation on the part of both leaders and group members, these are working well, and the consensus is that they are very much better than not meeting at all. Other groups are staying in touch through telephone calls and emails; one leader sends out a poem a day to the group's WhatsApp group, and another hand-delivers poems to members' homes. All the same, we are looking forward very much to meeting again in real life! As yet we have no clear idea of when this might be possible.

The value of the shared reading experience to our members has become clearer than ever during the pandemic, when many of them are at home and alone.  We have received some lovely feedback about our 'virtual' meetings and WhatsApp chats:

"I am so glad I saw the poster in the library. Joining this group is the best thing I have done for me for years. [It] has made the world of difference to me, even more so in the present circumstances. I just love it. Thank you everyone."

"I think this is a story relevant for these times. The current news is so disturbing we have focus to on our gardens and cooking to stay sane! Thank you again, for organising Shared Reading especially at this strange time. It is so appreciated."

"What a wonderful group of people you are. So many moving experiences that you are able to share with such joy."

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